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So this guy who's been stealing my inflation art for YEARS has said I was a troll and that HE was CattyN when he was rightfully called out by a good friend of mine!!! I just want to point out that this guy is one, a guy and two, a LIAR!!!! Let me put it this way what kind of creep pretends to be a 16 year old girl???? (I was 16 around the time I put my original and true artwork out)


United States

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goyQuentin Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
Just inflate my wife up.
pvzman122 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
God dam fetishes now I've gotten into inflation.
Offender-On-Repeat Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2015  Student Digital Artist
hi Preston, do you take commissions?????
DanDan26 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello Dobson.
TG-Jade Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
Happy birthday mister Dobson^^
SuperPewDiePieFan Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
I guess dobson just has an inflated ego.
mitzelflx Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I laughed at this harder than I should have. God bless u child.
BerryBlue64 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Can you do some blueberry inflation's plz?...
testiclecius Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013
He's not. I don't know CattyN personally but the real CattyN is in fact Andrew Dobson. He had a second DeviantART account a few years back named "CattyN4".
The CattyN personna is old. Some of the drawings in this gallery are ten years old or more(even before his CattyN4 account). His CattyN personna started before there was a DeviantART. 
Kinuna Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
makes sense, I was looking through the pictures, and this person didn't know a good many of the names of the characters posted, like there was a pair of street fighter characters and they couldn't even name them from the right series, let alone the right video game.
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